Heritage, faith & growth

At St Pius X everything we do is grounded in the teachings and life of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church as we celebrate our heritage, faith and growth together with our Parish community.

We strive to help students come to an awareness and acceptance of their intimate relationship with God and of the responsibilities that places upon them to live good lives and be the best people they can be. 

Social Justice

Awareness and action to create socially just and equitable conditions for all is promoted as a part of school life at St Pius X. Students are encouraged to become involved in the various Social Justice activities and events that the school takes part in with the inclusion of daily prayer in care groups, visiting nursing homes and preparing care packages for Seafarers. Students are also encouraged to show support for refugees and asylum seekers and caring for creation.

Students raise funds to promote social change through our annual Project Compassion Appeal (Caritas) during lent, through a House competition, Harmony Day and St Patrick’s Day, Mission Month, Socktober (Catholic Mission) and St Pius X Feast Day market stalls.

These funds go towards various causes such as homelessness, refugees, international development and animal welfare.

Climate Change

St Pius X High School is committed to educating students and adults in the facts about climate change and in adopting and implementing wherever possible practices that contribute effectively to the fight to solve this serious problem. Parent and Carer support in this vital work is greatly appreciated.

There is a lot we can each do. The main thing is that we each do as much as possible.

And whatever we do, we must not give up! There are great things happening locally, nationally and around the world in the fight against climate change.

Immersion Trips

Students are encouraged to expand their horizons and pursue cultural experiences by embarking on immersion opportunities. St Pius X supports the immersion of students in di­fferent cultures where they can elect or be selected to attend an overseas immersion trip to South East Asia, Europe or a religious and Indigenous immersion to Australia’s Aboriginal communities.

This opportunity allows students to experience life and culture in a foreign country and to perform meaningful community work that made a di­fference in people’s lives.