Creative & Performing Arts

St Pius X is proud to offer a diverse range of performance, drama, dance, music and visual arts extra-curricular activities for students to support their professional development and growth. Our community aims to embrace, encourage and nurture all students as they take part in their creative endeavors.





ASPIRE is a diocesan program of excellence for students in the performing arts arena. Students audition in November each year for a place in the vocal ensemble, instrumental ensemble, drama ensemble and dance ensemble. Those who are selected attend weekly rehearsals in Semester 1 to prepare for a showcase in August each year.


St Pius X offers a range of exciting opportunities for our students to develop their musical talents and experience. We encourage our students to share their skills by being part of our extra-curricular musical ensembles, including:

  • Concert Band
  • Choir
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • String Ensemble

We enjoy a proud and vibrant performance culture, providing our students the opportunity to perform in various musical events, concerts, liturgies, excursions and Diocesan productions such as DioSounds. Students may learn a musical instrument individually through our thriving Peripatetic Program. We currently have experienced, professional tutors offering instrumental tuition in guitar, voice, piano, strings, woodwind, drums and percussion.

Our annual songwriting competition provides the opportunity for students to compose and record their own songs and musical pieces, many of whom have experienced success in national songwriting endeavours and music industry careers.

For students with an interest in “behind the scenes” involvement, we provide training by industry professionals in sound and lighting as part of our technical crew, equipping our students with the skills to use our state-of-the-art recording studio, theatre and tech equipment. There is a role for everyone. Come and join our music team!

Open Mic

Open Microphone takes place every Wednesday between 1.15pm and 1.45pm. It provides musically talented students with a platform to perform for an audience at the school.

The purpose of this initiative is to discover and showcase new talents in our school community, giving students the opportunity to participate in future school performances such as school liturgies, musicals and music and drama nights.


St Pius X has a proud sporting history and continues to produce champion teams and athletes at State and National levels. Students at St Pius X are given every opportunity to participate in representative sports including Athletics, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cricket, Cross Country, Equestrian, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Oztag, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball and Water Polo.

Debating &

Public Speaking


“Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent and debate” – Hubert H. Humphrey, former US Vice President

The Debating program at St Pius X offers students the rewarding opportunity to work in teams, developing their abilities in advocacy through an active and dynamic sport. Regular coaching sessions at school hone skills and strengthen peer relationships. Teams are selected on merit and ability each year to compete in the regional Catholic Schools Debating Competition, with many progressing into the country and state-wide competitions held in Sydney.

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it” – Joseph Joubert, French essayist

Participation in the St Pius X High School Debating program has a range of benefits and students are widely encouraged to become involved. Many participants find their communication skills improve as debating uses collaborative skills, intelligence, wit and logic to define and appraise issues from different perspectives. St Pius X High School Debating teams develop their abilities in advocacy through the presentation of arguments in clear, persuasive language. Therefore, it can be said that excellence in debating corresponds with intellectual and educational growth.

“I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me” – Dudley Field Malone

Public Speaking

“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives” – Rob Brown

The Public Speaking program at St Pius X offers a range of enriching experiences for students to develop their communication skills in a supportive and social environment. Students get the chance to compete in a range of competitions each year including the Catholic Schools Office Secondary Public Speaking Competition and the United Nations Voice Competition, which offers state-wide finals held in Sydney. Coaching sessions at school help students discover their voice and overcome the fear of speaking to an audience.

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart” – John Ford

Students who participate in the St Pius X Public Speaking program acquire enhanced presentation skills to engage and influence an audience. Participants are not only given opportunities to become confident speakers and powerful communicators, but develop the essential qualities of strong and successful leaders.

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere” – Lee Iacocca