Student Leadership


Student leadership at St Pius X aims to empower students to have a discernible impact upon their learning environment and wider community. Our focus is on servant leadership and putting the needs of others first. The student leadership model has been designed to encourage students to realise their potential as empathetic leaders and disciples of Jesus.


 Leadership Model Handbook 

Leadership Structure

The student leadership team is comprised of:


  • 4 School Leaders
  • 6 House Leaders
  • 1 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander’ Student Leader
  • 2 Solidarity Leaders
  • 2 Stewardship Leaders
  • 2 Cultural Leaders
  • 2 Sports Leaders
  • Peer Support Leaders
Student Leaders
  • Represent the school at formal occasions when appropriate
  • Chairing SRC meetings
  • Formal meetings with school executive regarding SRC proposals
  • Liturgical leadership
  • Lead school assemblies
  • Play a pivotal role in major school activities
House Leaders
  • Represent their House and the school at chool/community functions
  • Assist in the implementation of decisions and programs
  • Support House Student Coordinator at House assemblies
  • Assist and support Tutor Group
  • Facilitate communication between students and staff at a House level
  • Collaborating with Student Coordinators in the promotion and development of the House identity
  • Work closely with Student Coordinators on the organisation of House feast days.
Team Leaders

(Celebration & Spirituality Team; Environmental Sustainability Team; Social Justice Team; Community Team):

  • Chairing and/or attending Team Meetings
  • Liaising with College Principal, Head of Campus, Assistant Principals, Student Coordinators and other staff on community events
  • Supporting the school community in various tasks such as canteen or school assemblies
  • Attend Student Leadership meetings with Executive members.
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander’ Student Leader
  • Advocate for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students
  • Work closely with staff to mentor and encourage peers
  • Deliver the Acknowledgement of Country at assemblies and celebrations
  • Attend SRC meetings
Solidarity Leaders

Social Justice Ministry

  • Educate peers on contemporary and historical social justice issues.
  • Make regular announcements at assemblies
  • Attend SRC meetings
  • Organise activities and awareness around social justice issues, the liturgical life of the school, Retreats and Feast Days.




Stewardship Leaders

Care for the Earth & Others

  • Raise awareness around sustainability issues and the environment
  • Make regular announcements and provide updates at assemblies
  • Attend SRC
  • Fulfill various leadership & representative roles within the school & wider community
Peer Support
  • Participate in peer support program
  • Support incoming Yr 7 students in the transition to high school
  • Attend scheduled meetings in preparation for implementation of the program.
Sports Leaders
  • Liase with Sports Coordinator to promote upcoming sporting events
  • Assist with presentation of sporting awards
  • Attend SRC meetings
  • Fulfill various leadership & representative roles within the school & wider community
  • Encourage positive representation at school based and community events
Cultural Portfolio
  • Maintain a strong connection to the SPX arts community
  • Actively promote various cultural activities and events
  • Make regular announcements at assemblies regarding cultural evets
  • Encourage peer participation in cultural events and activities