The school offers several types of Immersion, both in-country and overseas.  Immersion programs enable students to experience different cultures and peoples, to expand their knowledge and skill in particular disciplines and to discover firsthand the Church at work amongst the poorest of the poor. These immersion opportunities can often be transformative experiences for those participating.

We currently offer annually a Central Australia Immersion which enables students to visit and work in remote aboriginal communities and to experience the beauty of the outback.

2025 Immersions

In planning for Trinity Catholic College there are two immersions being prepared. The first will be an Ancient and Modern History – Europe Immersion in 2025 and the second experience is a Wild Sumatra Expedition.

Europe Immersion

This immersive experience will provide an unparalleled opportunity for senior history students to explore the historical attractions of Europe, with a focus on Ancient Rome, Pompeii, and significant World War I and II sites in Germany and France.

Wild Sumatra Expedition

Travel to Northern Sumatra and journey through tropical jungles as you spot endangered wildlife, learn about local Indonesian culture, and give back to a mix of environmental and social service projects on this off-the-map 16-day expedition. Trek through the Gunung Leuser National Park, learn about palm oil production and the deforestation affecting orangutans and other endangered species and support on-going environmental conservation efforts.