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St. Pius X High School

Extra & Co-curricula

There are many Extra & Co-curricula activities that take place at St Pius.  The following are examples of major activities of this kind.


Sustainability Steering Team

The Sustainability Steering Team (SST) is a group of staff and students who meet regularly to oversee and guide the school's efforts to become a sustainable school community.  The team's vision statement is as follows: ‘As stewards of God’s creation, St Pius X High School is committed to inspiring change within the community, to undertake the journey of ecological sustainability for a better tomorrow.’ The team provides an excellent opportunity for students to exercise their civic and leadership skills for the benefit of the whole school community.  The team works in conjunction with Catholic Earthcare Australia through their ASSISI program.  The team is currently engaged in developing a Sustainability Strategic Plan for St Pius for the next three years.


Vietnam Immersion Experience

In 2012, St Pius worked with the World Challenge Organization to plan and run a three week-long immersion experience to Vietnam for 45 Year 10 students.  As part of their experience the students performed project work for the Catholic Church in Vietnam.  The trip was extremely successful and has now become an experience that we endeavour to offer to our Year 10 students each year.

In 2013 about 40 students attended the trip.

This is an exciting opportunity for the students to experience life and culture in a foreign country and to perform meaningful community work that will make a real difference to the lives of many people.


Duke of Edinburgh's Award

This is an international leadership in action programme, available to all young people aged between fourteen and twenty-five.  The program is currently suspended at St Pius until a teacher organiser is found to replace the previous organiser Mr Phil Humphrey who left St Pius at the end of 2011.

Students who complete this award will have gained something that is a great personal achievement and demonstrated something very special about themselves. Furthermore, the Award is recognised by schools, colleges and universities throughout the world. 



This is an excellent program that assists the school greatly in our efforts to achieve sustainability.  ClimateCam is a student-based group that is dedicated to improving the environmental sustainability of St Pius X High School.  Students are guided and supported by the Newcastle City Council and will work with a variety of groups within the school community to ensure St Pius X develops a more ecologically friendly footprint.  Our main focus within this program is water and energy consumption and conservation and waste management but in time, we hope to make St Pius X a model of an environmentally sustainable school that has a minimal effect on our Earth's resources and one that encourages and inspires others to adopt similar practices.


Cultural Exchange With Japan

St Pius operates a cultural exchange program with our sister school in Japan.  Details are on the "Sister School" page of this site under the "Our School" tab.


Mathematics Advanced Preparatory Class
Run: Wednesday mornings, 8:10 AM
The Advanced Preparatory Class is intended to give students an insight into the foundations of Mathematics, its more interesting ideas, and some advanced techniques. A grasp of the concepts presented here will place students in an excellent position to excel at Extension 1 and 2 Mathematics in the senior school. The two students with the highest scores will be awarded prizes at the Year 10 graduation ceremony.
The course is divided into four sections. The first and most important is Logic, which will introduce the ideas of
• Statements and logical constructs
• Encoding English into symbols
• Good structure and technique for arguments
• Fallacy and paradox
• Deductive reasoning and proof
• Set theory
The second section is Number Theory, which will analyse interesting patterns and rules that apply to numbers. You will use the techniques you learned in Logic to prove some interesting and difficult ideas:
• The properties of odd, even and negative numbers
• Rational and irrational numbers
• Infinity and countability
• Prime numbers and the fundamental theorem of arithmetic
The third section is Proportion, Spaces and Aesthetics, which builds on the previous two sections. It will introduce concepts of geometric elegance, beautiful patterns and the ideas of abstract (that is, non-physical) space. In particular:
• The philosophy of beauty
• The five axioms of Euclid and their implications for space
• Harmonics
• Series, patterns and spirals
• Circles, spheres, regular shapes and the Platonic solids
• The golden ratio in number and geometry
The final section is Algebra, which will expose students to some advanced techniques in computation:
• Quadratic inequalities
• Absolute values
• Surdic expressions and equations
• Odd and even functions and two transformations


Performing Arts

Vocal group

Boys and girls Years 7-10 can join the Vocal Group, which practises once a week.  The school’s Vocal Group has a long tradition and many successful performances.  The songs are chosen with a focus on contemporary musical styles which are always fun to perform.

Open microphone
Is an exciting initiative for students of St. Pius. “Open Microphone” takes place every Wednesday between 1:15 pm and 1:45 pm.  It allows musically talented students to perform for an audience at school.  The initiative hopes to discover new talents and showcase them in our school community, giving students the opportunity to participate in future school performances such as, school liturgies, musicals and music and drama nights.
Performing Art Group
Musicians, vocalists and dancers Years 7-10 can join the Performing Art Group which practises every Friday at Sport time. Students have the opportunity to learn songs, instrumental items and dance routines and perform at the school assemblies and productions including the annual Dio Sounds and school musicals.  This is a great opportunity to make new friends and work on musical items in small groups.

Snow Trip

This is a non-compulsory activity offered to Year 9 students each year.  Any Year 9 student may apply to attend but places are limited.  Our preference is to take students who have never been to the snow.  Only one bus load of students can attend.  If more students apply to go than we have places for, names are drawn from a hat.

The trip lasts for 4 days, usually Thursday to Sunday sometime in August.  We usually stay in Jindabyne and travel to Thredbo each day for snow activities.


Study Tour to Italy

Since 2001, every second year St Pius X has successfully organised study tours to Italy for students of Year 9 and 10 who are studying the Italian language. The trip varies slightly but basically comprises of a two week tour of the three major cities of Italy (Rome, Florence and Venice) with day trips organised to visit smaller towns and places of interest eg Pisa, San Gimigiano and Pompeii. The tour allows students to experience the many highlights of Italy whilst practising the language and experiencing the culture of the Italian people. The students’ tour includes Vatican City in Rome, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and St Mark’s Square in Venice. One of the highlights the students have experienced on several of our trips is attending an audience with his Holiness in St Peters Square. Another highlight of the trip is riding a gondola in Venice, discovering the many canals throughout the city or walking the ancient streets of Pompeii. The students slowly become very confident in using the language they have learnt at school by ordering food (especially gelato) and even by bargaining with stall holders in the markets.

A selection of photos is available in the Galleries section of this website under the "News & Events" tab. 

The Study Tour of Italy is an enriching and rewarding experience for all students who have been lucky enough to take part in this adventure in the past.