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St. Pius X High School

BYOD Information


This page will be used to provide details of the St Pius BYOD Tablet Program.


Important Information

Digital technology is an excellent tool to assist students with their learning.  At St Pius our focus is on what has come to be known as 21st Century learning.  Digital technology is extremely useful for supporting students as they develop skills in creativity, innovation, team work, collaboration, problem-solving, communication and information & ICT literacy.

All students at St Pius are required to bring a suitable tablet device to school each day.  Students are responsible for charging the device over night and for having it in good working order for lessons each day.  Students are responsible for the care and safety of their devices.  The school takes no responsibility for loss or damage of these devices.

Damaged or faulty devices must be repaired as quickly as possible.  The school does not keep spare tablets to loan to students who are without a device.




  • A tablet or 2-in-1 device.
  • Please purchase devices using the Windows operating system.  Our network is set up for Windows and we cannot guarantee access for other operating systems.
  • We do recommend touch screens that you can write on.
  • We do recommend the purchase of an active stylus for writing on the screen.
  • A device with at least a 10-inch screen is preferred.
  • Some type of cover or protective wallet is also recommended.
  • If possible an extended warranty and accidental damage insurance is a useful addition.
  • Note: We have provided a link on the purchase portal for the Asus T100 because it is a low cost device but it has been our experience that the screens on these devices tend to crack very easily. Purchase with caution.

Please read the file below for further details:

SPX Tablet Requirements  2018.docxSPX Tablet Requirements 2018.docx




Parents/Carers are free to purchase devices from any vendor they choose.  The school has arranged a Managed BYOD program with Harvey Norman.  This enables parents to go to one website, view mulitple devices across a range of prices and order and pay for the device online.  Extended warranty, accidental damage insurance and peripheral attachments & devices (keyboards, etc) can also be purchased at the same time.

The advantage of using Harvey Norman is that they will only have devices on their website that are approved by the school.  If repairs are necessary then you will just take the device back to the store.  You won't have to package it up yourself and ship it off somewhere or try to find a repair shop that does particular work.  Harvey Norman will look after that side of things.

To access the St Pius portal of the Harvey Norman website, simply click on the link below.  Read the information provided on the homepage and then follow the instructions.  If you have difficulties please contact the school on 4957 1032.




The link below takes you to a very useful Parent Forum page:



Information about how to download and install Microsoft Office on student devices.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for staff and students.pdfMicrosoft Office 365 ProPlus for staff and students.pdf