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St. Pius X High School

Student Leadership

There are many opportunities for leadership available to students at St Pius X in Year 10.  We consider that all of our Year 10 students are the leaders of the school and, as such, need to be good role models for the younger students.  Designated leadership positions are:
• School Captain (1 male, 1 female)
• School Vice Captain (1 male, 1 female)
• House Captains for each of the 6 houses (1 male, 1 female)
• Peer Support Leaders
All applicants for student leadership positions must have:
• Achieved at least a silver award (in Year 9 at the time of application.)
• Must have a good attendance pattern and attendance at school events eg carnivals, community days
• Must complete an application form which includes a submission outlining their achievements, extra curricular activities and leadership qualities possessed by the applicant and an endorsement from five current class teachers (3 for House Captain and Peer Support Leaders.)
The list of applicants who meet all of the above requirements are presented to staff who are invited to nominate their top 5 male and female candidates.  These votes are tallied and a short list of candidates to give speeches is prepared.  Year 9 students vote for Captains after listening to the speeches. (Preferential voting is used).  A table showing past Captains & Vice Captains of St Pius is included in the History section of this website under the "Our School" tab.
The list of applicants who meet all of the above requirements is compiled.  At a House Meeting, Year 9 students vote (preferential voting) for the captains in their house.
The list of applicants who meet all of the above requirements is compiled.  The list of nominees is examined by a panel comprising the Executive and House Coordinators who select suitable candidates. These students are invited to attend a Peer Support training day in November.  Those students already elected as Captains, Vice Captains and House Captains are still eligible to be Peer Support Leaders.
Time-line for Leadership Positions
Week 3 Term 4 - Year 9 Community Day focusing on leadership
                       - Application for leadership positions accepted.
Week 4 Term 4 - Successful Captain applicants notified of need to prepare a speech.
Week 5 Term 4 - Captain applicants deliver speeches to Year 9 Students.
                       -  Preferential voting by Year 9 Students.
                       -  House Captain elections in Year 9 House Meetings.
Week 9 Term 4  - Peer Support Training Day.
Other student leadership positions are available in each Year.  Towards the end of each year, students are able to apply for leadership positions.  Teacher endorsement is needed and then an interview panel selects two prefects (one male and one female) for the following Years 8 & 9.  Year 7 prefects for the following year are selected by a similar process late in Term 1 of the year.  The St Vincent de Paul group also selects two leaders.  All of these leaders join the Year 10 student leaders on the Student Representative Council.

The SRC works to represent students' interests and needs in various ways.  The SRC takes action to bring about positive changes that will benefit the students and the whole school community.
The role of the SRC is to be the voice of the students, find out what students think, help make the school a better place for everyone and have an impact on decision-making within the school, including teaching and learning and student behavior.
At St Pius X High School, our Student Representative Council is made up of students who have been selected by both staff and students to ensure the ideas and opinions of students within each year group is brought forward to the School Executive. They represent our school to the highest standard.
Positions on the School Representative Council include:
School Captains (male and female)
School Vice-Captains (male and female)
House Captains (male and female) for each of the six houses
Year 9 Prefects (male and female)
Year 8 Prefects (male and female)
Year 7 Prefects (male and female)
St Vincent de Paul Leaders (male and female)

These representatives work closely with staff and students in all aspects of school life as well as with community members.