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St. Pius X High School

House Patrons

Our House names have special significance to St Pius X High School.
                                                                                      Mum Shirl
Perry House (Red) - named in honour of Mum Shirl (Shirley Smith nee Perry) – a tireless worker for social justice amongst and on behalf of the Aboriginal community and a great educator of the broader Australian community about Aboriginal issues and concerns.  Mum Shirl worked in this area and has family here too.
Charism: Outreach
                                                                     Sr Marie Therese Fahey.jpg
                                                                       Sr Marie Therese Fahey
Fahey House (Orange) - named in honour of Sr Marie Therese Fahey, a greatly respected teacher for 40 years in our Diocese, 20 of those years here at St Pius.  Sr Marie has made a real difference in the lives of countless students, parents and teachers.
Charism: Service


Sr William Deane 

Deane House (Yellow) – named after Sir William Patrick Deane Governor General of Australia 1995-2001 and strong proponent of social justice.  He is an excellent role model.

Charism: Justice




                                                                 Bishop James Murray 003.jpg
                                                                                  Bishop James Murray

Murray House (Green) - named in honour of Bishop James Murray, first resident Bishop of Maitland in 1865.  Murray was extremely devoted to the education of children.  He was a wise leader and a tireless worker who did much to develop educational and other Diocesan services in the early years of the Diocese.

Charism: Wisdom

Caroline Chisholm

Chisholm House (Blue)
– named after Caroline Chisholm who worked to alleviate poverty and to eliminate religious prejudice and racism.  After her arrival in Australia in 1838 she assisted over 11 000 newly-arrived immigrants, especially women, to find accommodation and work.
Charism: Compassion
John Bede Polding

Polding House (White)
– named after John Bede Polding, first Catholic Bishop in Australia (Archbishop of Sydney from 1835).  He had a vision far ahead of his time on issues such as the local church, liturgy, Aborigines, education and Christian culture.  He worked tirelessly to build a Christian society in Australia through the influence of the Benedictine way of life.  A man of great vision.
Charism: Vision
These six House names provide a good balance of male and female, Religious and Lay, direct links with St Pius and links with the wider Australian community and the world.  The House patrons are all excellent role models for the young people in our school community.  Each person’s story is a shining example of “Renewing all things in Christ”.  These life stories lend themselves readily to animating a vibrant and active Catholic school community in which students are challenged to be the best people they can be.
At St Pius, we believe that we attempt to challenge students to use their abilities, gifts and talents to the full.  We attempt to encourage and nurture students to develop a positive self-concept, an active sense of social justice and of service of others, an acceptance of the diversity of people and cultures, a steadfast self-discipline and a strong work ethic.  The House patrons we have chosen assist us greatly in our mission.