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St. Pius X High School



Note: To open the documents available on this page, the best procedure is to click on the document, choose "save target as", save the document to your computer and then open it from there.


Explanatory Fee Letters and Documents

2018 Fee Schedule.pdf2018 Fee Schedule.pdf


Pastoral Works Contribution Pamphlet.pdfPastoral Works Contribution Pamphlet.pdf - This document from the Bishop provides information regarding the voluntary Pastoral Works Contribution that will appear on all fee statements from 2018 onwards.


Fees Schedule 2018 Final Copy.pubFees Schedule 2018 Final - This document provides details of our fee structure at St Pius.



Further Explanatory Details

The following details of the St Pius X High School fee structure are provided for your information:
Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees are reviewed annually by the Catholic Schools Council, the Federation of Parents & Friends Association and the Diocesan Finance Council for recommendation to the Bishop.  The Tuition Fees for 2018 approved by the Bishop are presented in the Table below.  St Pius X High School will bill tuition fees over 3 terms.
Number of children in Catholic Schools
Yr 7-10 Fees per child per year
Yr 7-10 Fees per child per term
(over 3 terms)
These Tuition Fees do not cover the cost of materials used in practical subjects nor do they cover text books, other curriculum costs or sport travel and venue payments.
The Diocesan Family School Building Levy for 2018 is $750.00 per family.
Enrolment Fee




St Pius X charges an "Enrolment Fee" (non-refundable) payable upon enrolment.  Payment of this fee covers the costs to the school of the enrolment process and secures the student's place at the school.  The Enrolment Fee is $165.00 per student.

Upon enrolment please ensure that you complete and submit the Fee Agreement Form below to ensure that you are charged an appropriate rate of Tuition Fees.  Parents of Year 6 students enrolling in Year 7 are provided with this form in the Orientation Package.
Resource Fee
This fee will appear on each Term's Fee Account and is an aggregated amount that covers costs associated with the curriculum and the provision of information technology services.  The 2018 Resource Fee for Year 7 is $163.00 per student per term charged in each of Terms 1, 2 & 3.  The 2018 Resource Fee for Years 8, 9 & 10 is $138.00 per student per term charged in each of Terms 1, 2 & 3.  The Year 7 Resource Fee is slightly higher than that for the other Years to cover the extra costs associated with the Year 7 Induction Program run in Term 1.
Curriculum Costs Covered by Resource Fee
The Curriculum component of the Resource Fee covers the following items:
- purchase of new textbooks, including e-books
- repair of existing texts
- purchase and supply of consumables e.g.
                                         - photocopying
                                         - library resources
                                         - P.E & Sport equipment
                                         - Faculty/Course equipment maintenance and replacement
                                         - Trophies/Awards for Presentations
- ID card
- Click View video/DVD computerised lesson delivery system
- Upgrading and refurbishing of classrooms
Information Technology Services Costs Covered by Resource Fee
Information Technology is an essential part of the Teaching and Learning Curriculum in schools. This technology includes computers, wireless points, interactive smart panels, electronic whiteboards, data projectors, printers (including 3D printers) and video conferencing equipment all of which needs to be upgraded at regular intervals.  The costs involved with this information technology and its maintenance and upgrading are considerable.  St Pius X High School employs two specialist IT Technicians who are responsible for the management, maintenance and renewal of our extensive computer network and its associated infrastrcture.  The school pays a levy to the CSO for its membership of the Catholic Education Network (CEnet) that facilitates the provision of high speed (1000 Mbps) broadband to the school.  The school also pays for several other shared ICT services and Microsoft licensing fees for all in-school computers.
P&F School Infrastructure Levy
Parents and Friends School Infrastructure Levy.docxParents and Friends School Infrastructure Levy.docx - this document explains in detail the nature of this levy and the reasons for it.
Other Costs
The school fee accounts that are sent out early in each of terms 1, 2 & 3 cover most of the expenses for each school year.  There will always be other costs that will be billed or requested separate to these three main fee accounts.  Things like excursions, incursions, supplementary workbooks, community days, Yr10 Retreat and academic competitions (eg Maths Olympiad) are examples of these costs.  Every cost is associated with providing your children the high quality learning experiences you expect from their school.
Payment of Fees
Prior to the commencement of a student's enrolment it is essential that the Enrolment Fee be paid. If any difficulties are experienced with the payment of fees it is important for you to make a confidential appointment with the Principal to make appropriate arrangements.
The Catholic Schools Office provides a special fee concession for parents/carers with a Health Care Card or Pension Card.  A discount is available on the Tuition Fee component of your school fee account.  To access this discount complete the form below and return it to the School Finance Office.  This will save you the time and effort of coming in to see the Principal.  If you require more assistance than just the Tuition Fee discount available for Health Care and Pension Card holders you will need to come in for an interview with the Principal.  Note that in any case, any discount on fees lasts for the current year only.  If you require a concession for the following year you must re-apply.
Payment of Money
All money paid to the school for any purpose, is to be paid to the School Finance Office, e.g. fees, sport, excursions, plays, etc.  The phone app Qkr (pronounced "quicker") can be used to pay for school items.  See below for download instructions.  EFTPOS, credit card, Direct Debit and BPay facilities are also available.  Note that BPay may only be used to pay fees that appear on your School Fee Account.
To download Qkr please follow the instructions in the pdf below.  Click on the file, select "save target as" to save the file to your computer and then open the file.