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St. Pius X High School


Enrolment from Year 6 to Year 7
The enrolment period for St Pius X High School, Adamstown is open from February to April each year.  Information regarding enrolment for Year 7 2019 is contained in the following files:
Enrolment forms are given out to parents with a cover sheet clearly stating what documents are required to support the application.  Feeder school students obtain an enrolment form from their Primary School.  Parents of non-feeder school students may obtain a copy of the cover sheet and enrolment form from St Pius X High School, Adamstown or by downloading the pdf-file below.
You can also find further information regarding enrolment on the Catholic Schools Office website enrolment link below:
Please note that application from an outside zoned area will need approval from the zoned school.
As soon as possible after the close of the enrolment period, an Enrolment Committee is formed to consider the applications for enrolment.  This committee is chaired by the Principal and is comprised of appropriate staff as determined by the Principal and a Parish Priest of one of the feeder Parishes, when available.  The Enrolment Committee will meet to prioritise applications in accordance with the order of preference specified by the current CSO Enrolment Policy.
After all applications are processed by the committee, acceptance/interview/waiting list letters are sent to anyone who has lodged an enrolment form.  Parents are required to confirm acceptance of the offer of enrolment by paying the enrolment fee set by the school.    More information on fees is available on the Fees page of this website.  Parents and students from non-feeder schools are required to attend an interview before the school will make a decision on offering a place of enrolment.
Transition Program
Our Transition Program for Year 6 students and parents coming into Year 7 is very thorough with an emphasis on providing as much information and contact as possible to asist everyone to feel comfortable with and confident about the move to High School.
Student Coordinators visit Catholic feeder schools to speak to the students.  The Assistant Principal, Dean of Students, visits each Catholic feeder school on a designated night to speak to parents.  The students from each Catholic feeder school visit St Pius for a tour of the school.
Parents of students coming from non-feeder schools are made aware of the dates of the night visits so that they can attend one of their choosing.  Students from non-feeder schools are also offered an opportunity for a tour of the school.
In November, a Parent Orientation Evening is held, at which the Principal speaks to the parents of incoming students.  The school Executive, House Coordinators and P&F President are also introduced to parents on that night.
Peer Support
The peer support program is a program run in Term 1 each year and is designed both to facilitate a smooth entry into high school for all year 7 students and also to provide leadership opportunities for our senior students. Year 9 students are given the opportunity to apply for Peer Support leadership positions in term 3 and successful applicants undergo training in term 4.  The Peer Support Program is another way in which we try to make the movement from Primary School to High School as easy as possible for all students.

Enrolment transfer into other Years

If enrolment is sort for current Year 7, 8, 9, 10 please download an application form from this website.  Please note that application from an outside zoned area will need approval from the zoned school.  This application should be filled out and submited to St Pius with a copy of the following documents:

1.         Covering letter stating your reasons for enrolment.  This letter should include that permission has been granted by the zoned school (if applying from an outside area).

2.         Birth Certificate

3.         Baptismal Certificate (if a Catholic)
4.         Immunisation documents
5.         Parenting (Court) order (if applicable)
6.         Copy of Student’s last report
7.         Evidence of residential address

Please be advised that St Pius X High School may, at any time, contact the School from which your child is transferring.