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St. Pius X High School

School Policies

The following school policies are provided for your information.  They are the latest revision of each policy.  To open these files it is best to first save them to your computer by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Save Target As".  Then open the file on your computer.

Aboriginal Education Policy.docAboriginal Education Policy.doc

Administering Medicines Policy.docAdministering Medicines Policy.doc

Anti-Bullying Policy 2013.docxAnti-Bullying Policy 2013.docx

Assessment Policy.docAssessment Policy.doc

Assessment Procedures - Principal's expectations.docAssessment Procedures - Principal's expectations.doc

Assessment Procedures - Tiering Tasks.docAssessment Procedures - Tiering Tasks.doc

Assessment Task Procedures 2013.docAssessment Task Procedures 2013.doc

Attendance Policy.docxAttendance Policy.docx

Attendance Policy (CSO) K-12 (Feb 2012).pdfAttendance Policy (CSO) K-12 (Feb 2012).pdf

Attendance Procedures for Habitual Non-Attendance.docxAttendance Procedures for Habitual Non-Attendance.docx

Censorship 2008.docCensorship 2008.doc

Chemical Safety Management Policy.docChemical Safety Management Policy.doc

Child Protection Policy.docChild Protection Policy.doc

Child Protection Procedures at SPX.docChild Protection Procedures at SPX.doc

Classroom teaching of Religious studies.docClassroom teaching of Religious studies.doc

Code of Conduct 2017.pdfCode of Conduct 2017.pdf

Communication policy.docCommunication policy.doc

Complaints and Grievances Resolution (2013).pdfComplaints and Grievances Resolution (2013).pdf



Contractor Management Policy and Procedures.docContractor Management Policy and Procedures.doc

Differentiation Procedures.docDifferentiation Procedures.doc


Electrical Equipment Risk Assessment and Inspection Record Form.docElectrical Equipment Risk Assessment and Inspection Record Form.doc

Electrical Safety Policy and Procedures.docElectrical Safety Policy and Procedures.doc

Emergency Procedures 2018 Onwards.docEmergency Procedures 2018 Onwards.doc

Enrolment Policy SPX 2015.docEnrolment Policy SPX 2015.doc

Excursions Policy.docExcursions Policy.doc

Fundraising Policy and Procedures.docxFundraising Policy and Procedures.docx

Gifted Education K-12 POLICY 2017.pdfGifted Education K-12 POLICY 2017.pdf

Gifted Education K-12 PROCEDURE 2017.pdfGifted Education K-12 PROCEDURE 2017.pdf

Gym User Policy.docxGym User Policy.docx


Home Learning Policy.docHome Learning Policy.doc

HSC Marking Policy (Mar 07).docHSC Marking Policy (Mar 07).doc

Immersions Policy and Procedures - SPX.docxImmersions Policy and Procedures - SPX.docx

Inclusive School policy.docInclusive School policy.doc

Job share policy.docJob share policy.doc

Manual Handling Policy.docManual Handling Policy.doc

Mental Health  Policy March  2018.docxMental Health Policy March 2018.docx

Mental Health Checklist .docxMental Health Checklist .docx

Music Peripatetic Program Policy and Procedures.docxMusic Peripatetic Program Policy and Procedures.docx

Part Time Teachers Work Times 2008.docPart Time Teachers Work Times 2008.doc

Pastoral Care Policy.docPastoral Care Policy.doc

Policy Development Statement.docPolicy Development Statement.doc

Privacy Policy 2014.pdfPrivacy Policy 2014.pdf

Professional Learning Policy.docProfessional Learning Policy.doc

Professional Learning Application Form.docxProfessional Learning Application Form.docx

Programming Policy.docProgramming Policy.doc

Record Maintenance Policy.docRecord Maintenance Policy.doc

Reporting Policy.docReporting Policy.doc

Reporting Procedures 2013.docReporting Procedures 2013.doc


School Shoe Policy - Current.docSchool Shoe Policy - Current.doc

Security of Buildings and Facilities Policy.docSecurity of Buildings and Facilities Policy.doc

Serious Incident Management Policy Updated 2016 version.docSerious Incident Management Policy Updated 2016 version.doc

Serious Incident Procedures.docxSerious Incident Procedures.docx

Social Media Policy.docxSocial Media Policy.docx

special needs policy.docspecial needs policy.doc

Staff Supervision - Yard and On-site Activities Policy.docStaff Supervision - Yard and On-site Activities Policy.doc

Student computer access policy.docStudent computer access policy.doc

Student Leadership Policy 2008.docStudent Leadership Policy 2008.doc

Teacher Accreditation Authority Policy May2010.pdfTeacher Accreditation Authority Policy May2010.pdf

Uniform Policy 2012.docUniform Policy 2012.doc

Visitors Policy.docVisitors Policy.doc

WHS Document Control Policy.docWHS Document Control Policy.doc

Work Health and Safety Policy.docWork Health and Safety Policy.doc

Working Alone Policy.docWorking Alone Policy.doc

workplace email, internet usage.docworkplace email, internet usage.doc

Workplace Internet Email and Network Usage Policy (Revised 2013).pdfWorkplace Internet Email and Network Usage Policy (Revised 2013).pdf

Workplace InternetEmail and Network Support Documents (Revised Jan 2017).pdfWorkplace InternetEmail and Network Support Documents (Revised Jan 2017).pdf

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