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St. Pius X High School



"....... What makes the Catholic school distinctive is its attempt to generate a community climate in the school that is permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and love. ....... It tries to relate all of human culture to the good news of salvation so that the light of faith will illumine everything that the students will gradually come to learn about the world, about life, and about the human person."  (Gravissimum educationis, 8)

Ministry at St Pius is a fundamental and essential feature of the school that permeates, supports and enhances all that we do.  The following information is an attempt to provide a brief but accurate picture of the nature of Ministry at our school.



Prayer forms an important part of each day at St Pius. Students begin the day with prayer in Care Group. The School Prayer and House prayers are used on special occasions or when whole-school Assemblies, Year Meetings or House Meetings are held. The school holds many liturgies throughout the year and prayer forms part of these liturgies. Each week begins with staff prayer led by the Principal at Monday morning Briefing. Staff prayer is also held every Wednesday morning before school.
St Pius X School Prayer:
Ever present God,
We look to our patron saint, Pope Pius X,
to help us “Restore all things in Christ”.
May Your Holy Spirit inspire us to
honour the sacred in all creation.
Unite us, as we build a community
founded on respect
and strengthened by diversity.
Inspire us to serve You,
through our service to others.
Challenge us to strive for excellence
so that we may face the future
with courage and hope.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.
Feast Day of St Pius X
Our High School is named after St Pius X, Priest, Pope and Saint. Pope Pius X (Giuseppe Sarto) was Pope from 1903 to 1914. He was the first Pope of the Church selected for canonisation in the 20th Century. He is a very fitting patron of a modern high school because of his affinity with young people.
When he was first elected pope St Pius declared his aim was to “Restore All Things In Christ”. Our school bears not only his name but also this motto. Like Jesus, Pope Pius X modelled a life of service and love. He gave his own money to help the sick and the poor.
August 21 is the official Feast Day of St Pius X. The school celebrates this Feast Day as close as possible to this date. The school usually holds a whole-school liturgy at which we give thanks for the life of St Pius X. The liturgy is usually followed by some sort of fundraising activity. The funds raised are put towards a social justice priority.
                                                                         St Pius X
Welcoming Liturgies
The start of the school year is always marked in a very special way. Welcoming liturgies are held for the staff on Day 1, for Year 7 on their first day at St Pius and for the whole school the day after.
Yr7 2012a.png     Yr7 2012b.png

Commissioning of Student Leaders
Each year, St Pius X High School gathers for the Commissioning Ceremony of our student leaders. We congratulate and officially endorse the leadership of our Captains, House Captains, and SVDP Leaders. Our leaders, and indeed all members of the community, are called to be ‘stewards’ of creation: of our homes, of our school, and of our world. Stewardship is about placing our gifts, our resources and ourselves at God’s service. Stewardship is about carrying out the mission of the school and the church. 
At this ceremony we also acknowledge and present the ROSA awards to students from the previous year's Year 10 who gained six or more Grade A results in a core set of subjects.

Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the 40 day season of preparation for Easter Sunday. At St Pius we celebrate Ash Wednesday either with individual Year Liturgies, or with simpler liturgies in Care Groups. Our Student Leaders always attend the Diocesan Launch of Project Compassion. This year, 2015, it was hosted here at St Pius X High School, Adamstown.
Way of the Cross
Each year student leaders of St Pius X join with other diocesan schools and local youth and university groups in the Stations of the Cross at Kilaben Bay. This is an annual, ecumenical and community building event. The walk and prayer are always very meaningful for all those who participate. Because of the inclement weather, it was held inside the Parish Church. 
Holy Week
Holy Week is the most important week of the Christian year, culminating in Easter Sunday, the most important day in the Christian year. During Holy Week we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Holy Week is celebrated usually with either a whole-school liturgy or individual Year liturgies.
What is it that we are celebrating? It is not just that “Jesus died to free us from sin.”, which he certainly did. Jesus’ death was not an unfortunate incident or the unforeseen consequence of his bold public ministry. It was, on the contrary, a way in which he brings us all into the fellowship of acceptance, friendship and love that characterises the family of his disciples. It reminds us that as Jesus shared himself ultimately – shared his flesh and blood – with us, we are called to share ourselves with one another.
And what of the resurrection? Jesus’ resurrection ultimately assures us that all that Jesus promised will be fulfilled. It allows us to live lives filled with hope. At the same time, it challenges us to create communities built on friendship, acceptance and love. It challenges us to live in accordance with Jesus’ teachings and to be the face of Jesus to all people we meet. It challenges us by word and deed to spread the good news that Jesus who was dead, lives again!
Community Days & Retreats
Each year St Pius runs a Community Day here at school for each of Years 7, 8 & 9. Year 10 students are offered a residential Retreat experience. The Community Days are designed to address issues relevant to the particular year. The Year 10 Retreat program is aimed at assisting students to make the tranistion from Stage 5 of their education at St Pius to Stage 6.
Year 7 Community Day
Each year, Year 7 students participate in a Community Building Workshop at school. The day is facilitated by Mr Chris Doyle of KARIS Ministry. Chris provides a unique and memorable programme using very creative, active and enjoyable strategies. The experience helps students to develop a healthy, confident self-image and build positive relationships.

These are some of the comments from the Year 7 evaluations over the last few years: ‘he said it how it is’, ‘real’, ‘you got to smile’, ‘down at our level’, ‘evolved’, ‘cool’, ‘you wanted to be there’, ‘you didn’t mind coming back inside from recess and lunch’, ‘funny’, ‘totally different to anything else’, ‘had good messages’. When asked what the message of the day was, students said: ‘to care for each other’, ‘to work for / earn things’, ‘cooperation’, ‘to be yourself’, ‘to show the talents you have’ and ‘to respect others’.
Year 10 Retreat
St Pius X has a wonderful tradition of Year 10 Retreat. It has become a highlight of the year for both staff and students. The retreat provides time for students to reflect on their lives and connect with the spiritual part of themselves. An important part of Christian life is taking ‘time out’. The theme of the Year 10 Retreat is Choice as an expression of our Christian freedom. Retreat benefits the community by reinforcing the connection and unity of the year group. It provides students with the opportunity to see beyond their current perceptions of each other and find value in all their relationships. They return ready to face the future with resilience and hope!
World Challenge - Vietnam & Borneo

2015 will see St Pius send its third group of students to participate in a cultural and social justice immersion. Almost 40 students will undertake the challenge of preparing for the three week trip to occur in June/July this year. Vietnam & Borneo 2016 will also be launched during Term 3 to ensure this opportunity continues to be an integral part of the school Ministry Program. For more information visit:
or access the information on the World Challenge page on this website:

ANZAC Day Ceremony

On the morning of April 25th, 1915, Australian and New Zealand troops landed under fire at Gallipoli, and it was then and in the violent campaign which followed, that the ANZAC tradition was forged. The elements of that tradition have inspired and offered an enduring example to later generations of Australians.


Each year we pay homage not only to those original ANZACs, but to all who served this country on land and sea and in the air, in many places throughout the world. They enrich our nation’s history. Their hope was for the freedom of humankind and we remember with pride their courage, their compassion and their comradeship.
Not only do we honour the memory of those Australians who have fallen in battle; we share the sorrow of those who have mourned them and of all who have been the victims of armed conflict.
On this day we remember with sympathy those Australians who have suffered as prisoners of war, and those who, because of war, have had their lives shortened or suffered injury.
May we and our successors prove worthy of their sacrifice.
Here at St Pius we participate in a local 'march', and depending when in the Term Anzac Day actually falls, we would celebrate appropriately at school.


Catholic Schools Week


Catholic Schools Week (CSW) 2014 was held from 10 March to 16 March and involved the communities of all 615 Catholic primary and secondary schools across NSW and the ACT.  "Every Child Counts" was the theme for Catholic Schools Week 2013.

First and foremost, Catholic Schools Week is about celebration. The main aim of CSW is to raise awareness and celebrate the strength and distinctiveness of Catholic schools across the State.  Catholic Schools Week is about strengthening relationships between all those who have a stake in our schools – students, staff, families, priests, parishioners, and members of the wider community.

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Schools Week Mass was celebrated at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hamilton, on 11 March with representatives from all Diocesan scholols in attendance.


CSWa.png     CSWb.png


Graduation Liturgy - Year 10


This liturgy celebrates the graduation of students from Year 10 and will be held at the Newcastle Panthers this year. It is very much a family liturgy and is always a wonderful occasion. At the end of the liturgy there is a prize giving ceremony recognizing excellence in academic, cultural, civic and sporting areas.


Life Teen


What is Life Teen?  It’s a well structured program with the right mix of fun and learning about our faith.  The group is for years 7-12 and is a programme of the Blackbutt Pastoral Region, comprising of Holy Trinity Parish and All Saints Parish.
When is Life Teen? Sessions are every Wednesday fortnight, 6.30-8.30 pm. Food is provided from 6.30 – 7pm.  Life Nights are held at St Phillip's Hall, Kotara.
Ellen, our Youth Coordinator, can be contacted at and upcoming events can be viewed on the Parish Facebook page below.

Wall of Fame


In its more than 50 year history, this school has educated many young people who have subsequently made a significant contribution to our community and our nation. In 2009, the year of our 50th Anniversary, the school inducted into the St Pius Wall of Fame fourteen individuals who have achieved at an outstanding level in their chosen field of endeavour. In 2014 more ex-students were inducted into the Wall of Fame to bring the total to 20.  For more details of these high achievers please go to the "Wall of Fame" tab in the "Our School" section of this website.